Original Article

Visceral Adiposity Index, Body Fat Index and Fat Mass In Patients with Chronic Renal Failure


  • Sema Kunt
  • Şakir Özgür Keşkek

Received Date: 04.11.2019 Accepted Date: 24.02.2020 Med Bull Haseki 2020;58(3):240-244


The aim of this study was to investigate the level of visceral adiposity index (VAI), body fat index and fat mass in patients with chronic renal failure (CRF).


A total of 231 subjects were enrolled, of which 83, 64 and 84 subjects were hemodialysis patients, peritoneal dialysis patients and healthy subjects, respectively. VAI , body fat index and body fat mass were calculated in all groups. The results were compared between the groups. MedCalc 18.2.1 software program was used for statistical analysis.


In this study, we found higher levels of body fat index and body fat mass in the healthy group (p=0.016 and p=0.03, respectively). VAI was higher in patients with CRF (p<0.001).


Visceral adipose tissue is a metabolically active organ and it is an independent risk factor for metabolic alterations and development of cardiovascular diseases. High level of VAI can give an idea about cardiovascular diseases in patients with CRF

Keywords: Chronic renal failure, visceral adiposity index, body fat index

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