Case Report

Unusual Metastasis of Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast


  • Songül Peltek Özer
  • Saime Gül Barut

Received Date: 12.05.2017 Accepted Date: 12.07.2017 Med Bull Haseki 2018;56(1):85-88

Invasive lobular carcinoma is the second most common type of invasive breast cancer accounting for approximately 5-10% of all invasive breast carcinomas. The metastatic patterns of lobular and ductal carcinomas are significantly different. Most series report a greater propensity for lobular carcinoma to metastasize to the gastrointestinal tract, gynecological organs and the peritoneum, while ductal carcinoma most frequently relapses in the liver, lungs and the brain. Gastrointestinal system metastases were observed in 6-18%, the most commonly affected organ is the stomach. We aimed to present a female patient who had been diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast ten years ago and had invasive ductal carcinoma of the other breast three years ago, investigated for excessive ascites and found to have invasive lobular breast carcinoma metastasis to the stomach.

Keywords: Immunohistochemistry,invasive lobular carcinoma,stomach,metastasis

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