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The Role of Serum Leptin, Insulin, Lipid Profiles, and C-reactive Protein Levels on weight Loss Due to Tuberculosis - Original Article

  • Aygül Güzel
  • Pınar Yıldız
  • Günnur Deniz
  • Gaye Yıllar
  • Veysel Yılmaz

Received Date: 15.11.2010 Accepted Date: 05.01.2011 Med Bull Haseki 2011;49(1):9-13


This study aims to evaluate the effects of serum leptin, insulin, lipid profiles, C-reactive protein (CRP) levels on weight loss due to tuberculosis.


A total of 45 male patients - 22 diagnosed with active tuberculosis (Group 1) and 23 healthy subjects (Group 2) - were included in the study. Patients were re-evaluated after a minimum of 6-month treatment.


According to Group 1 and controls had a significant increase in BMI. Increase in their BMI, while the control group and study group after treatment had a reduction in insulin levels in the Group 1 (p>0.05). In the control group and study group after treatment compared with the values, lower CRP levels (p <0.05). Group 2 and study group, leptin levels after treatment had risen less than Group 1 (p>0.05). Lipid values of the control group post-treatment values were higher in Group 1 and the working group. This is only the values of total cholesterol and HDL- cholesterol increases were significant (p<0.05). Values of the working group after treatment compared with the control group, only HDL-cholesterol increase was significant (p<0.05).


Serum leptin, insulin, CRP and lipid profile due to tuberculosis with a clear relationship was found between weight loss. More extensive studies are needed, and concluded that multifactorial factors.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, weight loss, leptin, insulin, lipid Profile

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