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The Importance of Colposcopic Biopsy in Cervical Smear Pathologies Colposcopic Biopys in Cervical Screening


  • Mustafa Kemal Günver
  • Cem Dane
  • Sevilay Yavuz Doğu

Received Date: 16.01.2019 Accepted Date: 14.02.2019 Med Bull Haseki 2019;57(4):362-365


To evaluate the results of colposcopy-guided biopsy in patients diagnosed with low- and high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) identified by Pap smear test.


A total of 102 patients with low- and high-grade CIN diagnosed by Pap smear test, who underwent colposcopy-guided biopsy in the gynecology and obstretrics outpatient clinics at Haseki Tranining and Research Hospital, were included in this retrospective study.


One hundred and two patients were included in our study. Colposcopy-guided biopsy results of patients with low-grade and high-grade CIN were as follows: acanthosis and chronic cervicitis-36 (50%) and five (16%), CIN I - 28 (38%) and nine (30%), and CIN II-III - 8 (11%) and 16 (53%), respectively. The specificity and sensitivity of colposcopy-guided biopsy in detecting CIN II-III in patients with high-grade CIN were 67% and 80%, respectively, and the positive predictive value was 50%.


Considering the fact that smear is a screening test, the diagnosis of low-grade and high-grade CIN should be confirmed with colposcopy-guided biopsy.

Keywords: Cervical smear, colposcopic biopsy, cervical neoplasia

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