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The Dermatology Life Quality Index in Alopecia Areata - Original Article

  • Sibel Ceylan
  • Funda Uykur
  • Deniz Balaban
  • Adem Köşlü

Med Bull Haseki 2005;43(3):0-0


We investigated whether there is a relation between quality of life in patients with alopecia areata (AA) and the parameters like age, sex, marital status, duration and severity of disease in this study.


29 patients with AA with only scalp involvement were included in this study. Patients were requested to fill out Turkish version of DQLI questionnaire. The correlation between the DQLI scores and age, sex, marital status, duration and severity of disease was statistically evaluated.


The mean DQLI score was 7,97±5,979. A positive correlation was found between quality of life and disease severity (r = 0,436 p = 0,018). We found quality of life has a negative correlation with being single (r = -0,320 p = 0,090), but no correlation with age, sex and disease duration.


We found that quality of life in AA gets poorer as the disease severity increases and the single patients are worse affected than the married ones. Age, sex and disease duration seem to have no effect on quality of life.

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