Case Report

Sclerosing Stromal Tumor Of The Ovary: A Case Report

  • Ayşe Tülay Sayılgan
  • Filiz Filiz
  • Deniz Özcan

Med Bull Haseki 2012;50(1):33-36

Sclerosing stromal tumor of the ovary is a rare benign ovarian tumor originating from sex-cord stroma. Fewer than 120 cases have been described in the English literature. In this study, we report a 19-year-old patient, who underwent operation for suspected ovarian cancer due to elevated CA-125 levels and solid ovarian mass detected radiologically. Histologically, it is characterized by pseudolobular patern composed of hypocellular and hypercellular areas with abundant vascular structures. Intraoperative diagnosis of the tumor is extremely important, since it is mostly observed in young patients requiring conservative surgery. To identify its benignancy during intraoperative examination is sufficient for the selection of the appropriate surgical approach. A combination of morphological, immunohistochemical, radiological and clinical findings is needed in differentiating the tumor from thecoma, fibroma/fibrosarcoma, lipoid tumors and Krukenberg tumor.

Keywords: Sclerosingstromal tumor, ovary

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