Case Report

Schwannoma Originating From the Periphereral Intercostal Nerves


  • Yunus Aksoy
  • Çiğdem Obuz
  • Necati Çitak
  • Özgür İşgörücü
  • Songül Büyükkale
  • Adnan Sayar

Received Date: 04.07.2016 Accepted Date: 20.08.2016 Med Bull Haseki 2017;55(2):154-156

Schwannomas are usually solitary, encapsulated, and asymptomatic, benign neurogenic tumors originating from the nerve sheath. Schwannomas rarely show malignant transformation, however, require close monitoring. They are primarily located in the thorax in the costovertebral sulcus, may rarely originate from peripheral intercostal nerves. Less than 10% of primary thoracic neurogenic tumors originate from the peripheral intercostal nerves. The main treatment and diagnosis of schwannomas are complete surgical resection. We report a rare case of a 40-year-old male with asymptomatic schwannoma originating from an intercostal nerve which was found incidentally on his chest X-ray and was treated with surgery.

Keywords: Intercostal nerve, schwannoma, surgery

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