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Is There a Concordance Between the Gleason Scores of Needle Biopsy and Radical Prostatectomy Specimens in Prostatic Carsinoma?


  • Faruk Özgör
  • Onur Küçüktopçu
  • Murat Şahan
  • Abdülmuttalip Şimşek
  • Ahmet Yalçın Berberoğlu
  • Ömer Sarılar
  • Metin Savun
  • Zafer Gökhan Gürbüz

Received Date: 10.03.2015 Accepted Date: 12.07.2015 Med Bull Haseki 2016;54(1):32-35


To evaluate the concordance between the Gleason Scores (GS) of prostate biopsy and radical prostatectomy specimens.


Prostate biopsy was performed in 1135 patients with the suspicion of prostate cancer in our clinic between 2008 and 2012. A total of 366 patients were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Radical prostatectomy was performed in 73 of these patients and GS of pathology specimens were included in this study for comparison. The patients were divided into three groups (low intermediate- and high-risk patients) according to the D’amico risk classification for prostate cancer.


The median age of the patients was 64.2±6.1 years (54-73). The mean prostate specific antigen level was 20.34 ng/mL and the mean biopsy core number was 12±0.58. A statistically significant concordance was detected between the GS of biopsy specimens and radical prostatectomy materials in 65.7% of patients (p<0.01). There were 40 patients in the low-risk group, however, 8 (20%) of them were identified to be intermediate-risk patients and one (2.5%) was found to be a high-risk patient after radical prostatectomy.


Concordance between the GS of prostate biopsy and radical prostatectomy materials are important for selection of the appropriate treatment.

Keywords: Adenocancer, radical prostatectomy, transrectal biopsy

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