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Is it a Failure From Videothoracoscopy Convert to an Unexpected Thoracotomy in Interstitial Lung Disease Diagnosis?


  • Mustafa Vedat Doğru
  • Celal Buğra Sezen
  • Cemal Aker
  • Abdulsamed Alp
  • Muzaffer Metin
  • Aysun Ölçmen

Received Date: 11.09.2020 Accepted Date: 01.01.2021 Med Bull Haseki 2021;59(1):48-52


In this study is to evaluate the preoperative risk factors and compare the complications of patients who underwent diagnostic VATS for interstitial lung diseases in our clinic and patients who started thoracoscopic and converted to thoracotomy.


Patients who underwent VATS due to interstitial lung disease between January 2010 and December 2019 in our clinic were included in the study. In the study, patients were evaluated under 2 groups. There are 159 patients who underwent VATS wedge (Group-V) and 29 patients who started with VATS and converted to thoracotomy (Group-T) due to unexpected intraoperative complications.


There was no significant difference between VATS and thoracotomy groups in terms of demographic characteristics, except for a history of tuberculosis. The most common postoperative pathology was unusual interstitial pneumonia (n=56, 28%). Complications were observed in 17 patients (9%). Prolonged air leak in 5 patients, pneumothorax after postoperative drain removal in 3 patients, wound infection requiring revision in 3 patients, respiratory failure requiring non-invasive mechanical ventilation in 6 patients developed. Mortality occurred in 5 patients (2.7%) in the first 30 days postoperatively. Conversion from VATS to thoracotomy occurred due to a previous history of tuberculosis and widespread pleural adhesions.


Although revealing in videothoracoscopic surgery is considered to be a failure, postoperative complication and mortality rates were found to be similar to VATS. The main risk factor for conversion to thoracotomy is tuberculous sequelae observed in preoperative thoracic CT and perioperative pleural diffuse adhesions. Therefore, VATS is a reliable and applicable method in interstitial lung disease (ILD). We think that careful patient selection in the preoperative period will reduce the probability of the thoracotomy.

Keywords: Interstitial Lung Disease, conversion to thoracotomy, VATS

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