Original Article

Results of the Patients Treated Surgically for Halluks Valgus Deformity

  • İbrahim Sungur
  • Cemal Kural
  • A. Akın Ugraş
  • Haldun Ertürk

Med Bull Haseki 2006;44(1):0-0

SummaryIntroduction: The purpose of our study is to assess and evaluate the mid term results of the patients treated surgically for Hallux Valgus deformity in our clinic.Patients and Methods: 47 feet of 36 patients who had been operated in our clinic for Hallux valgus deformity have been evaluated by both radiographic and clinical parameters.Results: Keller resection arthroplasty has been applied to 18 feet, Tachdjian proximal metatarsal open up osteotomy in combination with distal soft tissue procedure has been applied to 13 feet, Mc Bride soft tissue procedure for 5 feet, Golden proximal metatarsal close up osteotomy combined with distal soft tissue procedure for 5 feet, proximal metatarsalclose up osteotomy with distal soft tissue procedure for 1 foot, distal metatarsal Mitchell osteotomy for 3 feet, Wilson osteotomy for 1 foot and MTP arthrodesis has been applied to one foot, respectively. In a patient with Romatoid arthritis, 2,3,4. MTP arthrodesis have been added to Mc Bride soft tissue procedure. A mean correction of 26.42 degrees has been obtained in the HVA and a correction of 7.08 degrees has been obtained in the IMA.Conclusion: Regarding the patients satisfaction and Mitchell criteria, we consider our results to be good. We think that; patients age, activity level, presence of arthrosis and the degree of angulation are important parameters for deciding on the operation type in Hallux valgus.Key words: Hallux valgus, treatment, surgery, foot

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