Case Report

Rare Cause of Genital Bleeding: Urethral Prolapse


  • Ufuk Ateş
  • Günay Ekberli
  • Coşkun Özbiçer
  • Anar Gurbanov
  • Sümeyye Sözduyar
  • Murat Çakmak

Received Date: 23.11.2018 Accepted Date: 02.12.2018 Med Bull Haseki 2019;57(4):429-431

Urethral prolapse (UP) is a condition characterized by circumferential prolapse of the urethral mucosa through the external meatus generally seen in girls. Bleeding, dysuria and an asymptomatic prolapsed mass are the main presenting complaints. UP may be confused with many pathologies that can cause genital bleeding or tumor. Conservative management and surgical resection are the treatment options. We present this case due to its rarity, low rate of accurate diagnosis at the first presentation, as well as the presence of only one reported case from our country and to raise awareness of UP.

Keywords: Urethral prolapse, ‘’doughnut’’ sign, vaginal bleeding

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