Case Report

Radiological Signs of Intra-abdominal Gossypiboma


  • Ferhat Çengel
  • Mesut Bulakçı
  • Bora Özbakır
  • Adem Kırış

Med Bull Haseki 2014;52(1):47-49

Gossypiboma is a mass lesion at the site of surgery due to a forgotten surgical sponge. Forgotten foreign bodies are mostly retained in the abdominal cavity but there are some cases in the thorax, cranium, breast, and an extremity. Gossypiboma should be considered, especially by radiologists, in patients with a history of surgery, who present with non-specific symptoms and abdominal mass. In this report, we describe the case of a female patient who presented with non-specific abdominal discomfort and fever about six months after open cholecystectomy.

Keywords: Gossypiboma, surgical complications, abscess, abdominal imaging

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