Case Report

Primary Genital Herpes Diseases in İnfancy


  • Sevinç Gümüş Pekacar
  • Deniz Özçeker
  • Muhammet Ali Varkal
  • İsmail Yıldız
  • Ayşe Kılıç

Received Date: 20.01.2016 Accepted Date: 24.01.2016 Med Bull Haseki 2016;54(3):187-189

Symptomatic primary genital herpes infection is very rare in early childhood. Herpes simplex virus 1 type is the infectious agent in 20-50% percent of primery infections. Sexual abuse should be considered when genital herpes is seen in a person before sexual active age. It is mild and self limiting unless the patient is immune compramised. In this paper we discussed a 17 months old patient with genital herpes and approach to genital herpes in children.

Keywords: Child, genital herpes, herpes simplex virus

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