Case Report

Pancreatic Lymphangioma: A Rare Case Report


  • Ahmet Gökhan Sarıtaş
  • Figen Doran
  • Kıvılcım Erdoğan
  • Abdullah Ülkü
  • Uğur Topal
  • Hakan Karataş

Received Date: 03.01.2018 Accepted Date: 27.04.2018 Med Bull Haseki 2019;57(1):105-107

Intraabdomınal lymphangioma is a rare disease. Pancreatic counterpart occurs as cystic mass and should be kept in mind in patients with cystic pancreatic lesions. It is important to diagnose preoperatively to choose therapy modality. In this paper, we present a rare case of pancreatic lymphangioma which was diagnosed incidentally

Keywords: Pancreas, lymphangioma, mass

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