Original Article

Investigation of Advantages and Disadvantages of Percutaneous and Surgical Tracheostomies


  • Cemal Hacı
  • Reşit Murat Açıkalın
  • İbrahim Akkoç
  • Mehmet Toptaş

Received Date: 08.06.2017 Accepted Date: 24.08.2017 Med Bull Haseki 2018;56(1):65-67


In our study, we aimed to evaluate surgical tracheostomy and percutaneous tracheostomy and to investigate their complications.


In this study, we retrospectively evaluated medical records of 56 patients who underwent percutaneous tracheostomy (n=24) and surgical tracheostomy (n=32) in the otorhinolaryngology and anesthesiology clinics at our hospital.


Fifty six patients evaluated and there was no statistically significant difference in terms of indications for tracheostomy between the groups. The duration of surgical tracheostomy was 21.2±2.9 minutes and that of percutaneous tracheostomy was 12.4±3.2 minutes and the difference was found to be statistically significant (p<0.001).


Both surgical tracheostomy and percutaneous tracheostomy are safe and practiced methods. The duration of percutaneous tracheostomy was shorter than surgical tracheostomy in our study. Percutaneous tracheostomy is a method that can be safely performed.

Keywords: Percutaneous,surgical,tracheostomy

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