Innovation in Health Care Delivery


  • Haluk Şengün

Received Date: 13.01.2016 Accepted Date: 07.03.2016 Med Bull Haseki 2016;54(4):194-198

Innovation has become the symbol of transforming into creative economy and is a process of development for new approaches, technologies and working methods. It is a whole of processes that makes information useable. The innovative capacity of the industry is considered to be one of the most important elements determining international competition. Developing innovation and support systems, providing the infrastructure and inspections required for running them effectively, forming industrial problem solving strategies tailored for individual countries, progressing in accordance with long-term, sustainable, consistent and predictable policies as a whole is the only viable method to implement innovations, which utilize manpower and economic resources, transform and change, use revolutions in life sciences for the good of the public and human welfare and are catalysts for national economy in the light of science. The revolutionary developments in technology in the recent years have caused crucial transformations in healthcare field through their improvements on presentation formats and quality in diagnosis and treatment services. The status of conceptual changes in healthcare industry, which is one of the major sources and utilizers of innovative practices, the place and importance of innovation in healthcare system in Turkey and in the world are synthesized in a holistic approach.

Keywords: Innovation, healthcare system, research-development

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