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Neuro-Ophtalmologic Findings in Thalamic Hemorrhages - Original Article

  • Oya Öztürk
  • Birgül Atmaca
  • Raziye Tıraş
  • Tuba Aydemir
  • Özlem Çokar
  • Sibel Çetin
  • Vildan Yayla
  • Feriha Özer

Med Bull Haseki 2005;43(4):0-0

Different lesions effecting the thalamus and disconnecting the thalamus from the other brain areas, can cause neuroophthalmologic findings. In this study 83 thalamic hemorrhage patients were assessed. Thalamic hemorrhages have been localised into four different topographic regions according to their CT scan. Posterolateral localisation was the most common. Neuroophthalmologic findings were determined in 55 patients and interrelation between these findings and localisation of hematoma were detected. Neuroophthalmologic findings were vertical and horizontal gaze palsy, oculosympathetic findings, defect of convergence, slow reactive pupils to light and skew deviation. The increase in the size of hematoma and ventricular hemorrhage were increasing the neuroophthalmologic findings.

Keywords: Thalamic hemorrhages, neuroophthalmologic findings

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