Case Report

Mesenteric Fibromatosis - Case Report

  • Tülay Sayılgan
  • Deniz Özcan

Med Bull Haseki 2005;43(4):0-0

Fibromatosis is an uncommon neoplasm of spindle cells. Although it may be locally aggressive, it does not metastasize. Five to ten percent of them arise in the abdomen. In this study we present a mesenteric fibromatosis of the cecum in an 8 year old male patient. The patient underwent right hemicolectomy and partial ileum resection operation for ileus. On gross examination a firm nodular mass measuring 11x11x7 cm was observed in the cecum. Histopathologically the tumor composed of spindle cells arranged in long fascicles in collagen rich stroma. It was located in the serosa with locally infiltrating borders. 18 months later the case was reoperated for local recurrence. In 2.5 years' follow-up no other recurrence is recorded. We aimed to discuss the differential diagnosis of mesenteric fibromatosis with its histopathologic and immunohistochemical features in the light of the literature.

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