Case Report

General Anesthesia for Patient with Homocystinuria: Case Report

  • Nurdan Aydın
  • Sinan Uzman
  • Emel Koçer Gür
  • Öznur Şen
  • Nedret Ergüven
  • Ecder Özenç

Med Bull Haseki 2005;43(3):0-0

Homocystinuria is an autosomal recessive metabolik disorder. Patients with homocystinuria, a rare inborn error of aminoacid metabolism, may present with subluxation of the lens or glaucoma. These patients are susceptible to thromboembolic complications during general anesthesia. Hyperinsulinemia and hypoglycemic convulsions are also common. In this case we report a 11 year old boy with homocystinuria who required an ocular surgery including lentectomy under general anesthesia because of lens subluxation.

Keywords: Homocystinuria, general anesthesia

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