Case Report

Gastric Perforation in a Preterm Newborn: Case Report

  • Aysu Tosun Alp
  • Uğur Deveci
  • Hatice Demir
  • Kenan Özcan
  • Orhan Başaran
  • Feyza Girgin
  • Füsun Ünal
  • Nilüfer Gürbüz

Received Date: 10.11.2010 Accepted Date: 04.01.2011 Med Bull Haseki 2011;49(1):34-36

Gastric perforation in newborns is a rare and lethal problem, which is usually seen in premature babies. Early diagnosis and surgical treatment prevent mortality and morbidity. In this study, we present a premature infant who developed abdominal distension and increasing respiratory distress in the 17th postnatal hour. Erect abdominal radiograph revealed pneumoperitoneum and intraabdonimal free air. A perforation area at the lesser curvature of the stomach with a diameter of 1 cm was detected during the emergency laparotomy and was primarily repaired with sutures. In this paper, we indicate the importance of early diagnosis and treatment by presenting a newborn with gastric perforation.

Keywords: Premature newborn, gastric perforation

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