Case Report

Febrile Neutropenia Due To Brucellosis: Case Report

  • Abdullah Sakin
  • Kenan Çelik
  • Savaş Öztürk
  • Ayşegül Sakin
  • Namık Yiğit
  • Hikmet Feyizoğlu
  • Mesut Ayer

Received Date: 22.12.2011 Accepted Date: 13.03.2012 Med Bull Haseki 2012;50(2):69-71

Brucellosis is a common zoonotic disease which is common in our country. It has a quite broad spectrum that includes a certain number of hematologic disorders such as neutropenia, thrombocytopenia and anemia. A thirty-seven-year-old female patient presented with fever with chill as well as fatigue. Physical examination and laboratory analyses revealed splenomegali, fever and pancytopenia. The diagnosis was established based on blood culture and brucella tube agglutination test (1/320). The patient was treated with rifampycin 600 g/day and doxycycline 200 mg/day for six weeks. Her fever subsided on the 5th day of treatment and pancytopenia recovered on the 15th day.

Keywords: Pancytopenia, Brucellosis, Febrile Neutropenia

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