Examining the Ethical Dilemmas in Terminating the Pregnancy Through the Basic Ethical Principles


  • Engin Kurt
  • Yusuf Tunca

Received Date: 10.11.2015 Accepted Date: 24.11.2015 Med Bull Haseki 2016;54(2):57-61

Termination of pregnancy is an event that takes place at the request of expectant parents or due to reasons beyond their desire. However, in the presence of appropriate indications, there is no need for abortion debate. In this case, it is important to terminate the pregnancy with the request of expectant parents. Even if cessation of the pregnancy is performed within a legal framework, basic ethical principles, such as autonomy, do no harm, being useful and fairness should be applied. Precisely the problem for physicians already emerges at this point and the physicians can fall in a dilemma about how to behave with the mother or the fetus. In this article, ethical dilemmas that may arise in termination of pregnancy will be discussed briefly in accordance with the basic ethical principles.

Keywords: Medical ethics, pregnancy, abortion, fetus

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