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Evaluation of New-Onset Diabetes in Patients Presenting Emergency Service with a Diabetic Ketoacidosis Attack


  • Yavuz Yiğit
  • Doğaç Niyazi Özüçelik
  • Harun Ayhan
  • Emin Gökhan Gencer
  • Mehmet Karakum

Med Bull Haseki 2013;51(4):168-172


The aim of this study was to investigate the rate of new-onset diabetes mellitus (DM) in patients presenting to our emergency department with diabetic ketoacidosis.


We retrospectively evaluated hospital records of patients who presented to the Emergency Department at Istanbul Goztepe Research and Training Hospital between 01 April 2009 and 01 April 2011 and were diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. 57 patients having complete clinical data were included in the study.


45.6%of patients had type 1 DM, 33.3%- type 2 DM, and 21%of them were with new-onset DM. No statistically significant difference was found between type 1 DM, type 2 DM and new-onset DM patients with respect to arterial blood pH and HCO3 levels and serum sodium, potassium and plasma glucose levels at presentation as well as time of presentation (p>0.05), while HbA1c levels showed statistically significant difference in new-onset DM patients.


No statistically significant difference was found between types of DM in patients diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis except for precipitating factors, age and HbA1c. Detecting high blood glucose levels in patients presenting to emergency room for reasons other than DM is not a rare condition. Cautious evaluation and recognition of these patients in emergency room for the possibility of undiagnosed DM is important for prevention of future diabetic ketoacidosis episodes.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, emergency room

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