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Effectiveness Of Selective Non-Operative Treatment In Penetrating Abdominal Injuries

  • Tamer Karşıdağ
  • Sefa Tüzün

Received Date: 19.04.2012 Accepted Date: 25.04.2010 Med Bull Haseki 2012;50(3):81-88


As a result of improvements in resuscitation and surgical techniques, advances in antibiotic treatment and development of monitoring equipments, selective non-operative treatment (SNOT) has emerged as an important development in the management of penetrating abdominal injuries. If patients do not need the operation, the ability to treat them without surgical intervention is not only scientifically correct but also necessary in terms of ethics.


During the study period, hemodynamically stable 133 patients with penetrating injuries to the anterior and posterior abdomen and without indication for laparotomy were followed and treated with SNOT.


There were 122 men and 11 women. The mean age was 28,9 years (range: 14-60 years). Based on clinical observation, laparotomy was performed in 16 patients (12%). The remaining patients were clinically monitored without any surgical intervention. Mortality and major complication rate was zero in all groups. Patients treated nonoperatively had a significantly shorter hospital stay (1.8 days) than patients treated operatively (5,2 days) (p=0.0003). In one case, we found no significant organ injury during surgery in the laparotomy group.


SNOT of penetrating abdominal injuries has a high success rate.

Keywords: Penetrating abdominal injury, Non-operative treatment

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