Case Report

Development of Medial Subtalar Dislocation after Sports Injury: A Case Report

  • Serdar Hakan Başaran
  • Levent Arslan
  • Cemal Kural
  • Mustafa Cevdet Avkan

Med Bull Haseki 2011;49(3):120-122

Subtalar or peritalar dislocations occur infrequently, representing less than 2% of all dislocations and less than 1% of big joint dislocations. They are usually the result of high-energy traumas, but sometimes can be seen after ankle sprains. Medial subtalar dislocations are more frequent. These dislocations must be treated as soon as possible. Usually, closed reduction is possible. In our case, a seventeen-year-old female had a closed medial subtalar dislocation following an inversion injury of the right ankle while playing volleyball. It was treated successfully by closed reduction.

Keywords: Dislocations, subtalar joint, treatment

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