Original Article

Comparison of ABR Results of Type 1 Diabetic Patients with Normal Population


  • Mustafa Suphi Elbistanlı
  • Emre Gürkan
  • Serveren Yurtsever
  • Reşit Murat Açıkalın
  • Abdullah Karataş
  • Zuhal Aydan Sağlam

Received Date: 27.12.2012 Accepted Date: 03.01.2013 Med Bull Haseki 2013;51(2):36-40

Aim: Evaluation of ABR results in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). Methods: ABR results of 31 patients with IDDM (19 female, 12 male) were compared with ABR results of 20 healthy volunteers (10 female, 10 male). Mean patient age was 32 (range: 1848) years in study group and 30 (range: 24-43) years in control group. All tests were performed bilaterally. Ist, IIIrd, Vth wave latencies and I-III, III-V, I-V intervals at 70 dB normal hearing level ( dB nHL) were compared. Results: Ist and Vth wave latencies and I-V intervals of right and left ears of study group were significantly different from the control group (p0.05). Conclusion:  IDDM results in abnormal ABR findings. Standardization and systematic classification of ABR results in IDDM patients is required in order to predict central nervous system and cochlea-vestibular damages. (The Medical Bulletin of Haseki 2013; 51: 36-40)

Keywords: Diabetes, insulin dependent, ABR

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