Case Report

Cerebellar Haemangioblastomas

  • S. Gül Barut
  • H. Yücel Barut
  • Mustafa Eras

Med Bull Haseki 2005;43(2):0-0

Haemangioblastomas are tumors that mostly appear on adolescents and adults around the cerebellar location. They can also be seen on medulla, spinal cord, cerebral hemispheres, meninx and retina. All intracranial masses have 1-2% haemangioblastoma. Generally, it's seen on the para median location. Even though they are demarcable, they can focally micro-invade neighbor neural tissues. In this research, a female and a male patients', who live around cerebellar mid-line locations, haemangioblastoma cases have been radiologically and histopathologically analyzed.

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