Original Article

Attitudes of Pharmacy Workers on Rational Drug Therapy: A Cross Sectional Survey


  • Buket Demirci
  • Fatma Çilengir Ayhan
  • Filiz Abacıgil

Received Date: 18.03.2019 Accepted Date: 04.07.2019 Med Bull Haseki 2019;57(4):339-344


To assess the pharmacy workers’ role in rational drug therapy and to draw attention to the missing points.


The questionnaire used in this study was mainly based on the questions included in the “Hospital Pharmacist Survey” prepared by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, Department of Rational Drug Use as well as previous literature. One hundred and eighty-two voluntary workers attended to face-to-face survey in Aydın/Efeler district.


Fifty-one-point-one percent of the workers had primary or secondary education; only 22.5% of them were bachelor of pharmacy. Thirty-eight-point-five percent stated not having enough time to attend in-service training. It was found that only, 45.8% of workers received training on “rational drug use”; and gave more information to patients. Although, 4 of 5 workers were not bachelor of pharmacy and all of them have not taken “rational drug use” education; it was determined that 71.3% of workers recommended medications to patients who come to the pharmacy for any reason.


Pharmacy workers have taken a big responsibility at the last step of “rational drug use”. Although, they have not sufficient education, it is remarkable that they recommend medications to patients. Therefore, their training will contribute to rational drug use.

Keywords: Rational drug use, pharmacy, pharmacy workers, teaching

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