Case Report

Anesthetic Management in Bariatric Surgery: A Case Report


  • Eren Demir
  • Harun Uysal
  • İsmail Sümer
  • Berna Çalışkan
  • Mehmet Toptaş
  • Ecder Özenç

Received Date: 20.02.2018 Accepted Date: 22.05.2018 Med Bull Haseki 2019;57(2):207-210

Obesity is a common health problem with serious complications. Medical and surgical methods can be used in treatment. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) is a widely used surgical procedure. LSG is a high-risk surgery because of the effects of both existing obesity and the applied laparoscopic technique. Anesthesia plan from preoperative examination to perioperative management and postoperative care should be done carefully. We aimed to share our experience in the anesthetic management of a patient who underwent a LSG operation which was performed for the first time in our hospital.

Keywords: Obesity, bariatric surgery, recruitment, high flow oxygen therapy

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