Case Report

An Asymptomatic Incidental Intestinal Malrotation in an Adult (A Case Report)

  • Mehmet Gülen
  • Orçun Oral Şentürk
  • Muzaffer Akıncı
  • Ahmet Kocakuşak

Med Bull Haseki 2005;43(2):0-0

Intestinal malrotation is a developmental anomaly of the midgut where the normal fetal rotation of intestines around the superior mesenteric artery and their fixation in the peritoneal cavity fail. Malrotation is a rare cause of the mechanical intestinal obstruction in adults. It is also difficult to diagnose but prompt recognition and surgical treatment usually lead to a successful outcome. Intestinal malrotation is rarely asymptomatic and generally diagnosed incidentally in adults. In the present report, a case of incidental intestinal malrotation with clinic findings of small bowel obstruction is discussed with literature review.

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