Case Report

Alternative Systemic BVDU Treatment of a Patient with Acute Retinal Necrosis Due to VZV Infection - Case Report

  • Oğuzhan Saygılı
  • Efdal Yörük

Med Bull Haseki 2005;43(1):0-0

ARN-Syndrom is caused by an infection with VZV, Herpes simplex virus and CMV. It is seen at every age, but especially between 30-50 years. The patients show anterior uveitis, yellowwhite, gray-white retinal necrosis, increasing vitreal infiltration, occlusion of the vessels and perivascular hemorrhage. 75-85% of the patients develop 6-8 weeks after the onset of the disease a rhegmotogenous retinal detachment. A case of ARN-Syndrom was treated with systemic aciclovir and additionally with systemic ganciclovir without success. But the course of retinal necrosis was decisively improved by changing antiviral therapy from aciclovir and ganciclovir to BVDU.

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