Case Report

A Sulphasalazine-Induced Hypersensitivity Syndrome Mimicking Viral Rash Illness


  • Tuna Demirdal
  • Pınar Şen
  • Salih Atakan Nemli
  • Figen Kaptan
  • İlknur Vardar
  • Serap Ural

Received Date: 12.04.2015 Accepted Date: 23.04.2015 Med Bull Haseki 2015;53(3):277-280

The etiology of fever and rash is a challenging condition for clinicians in the diagnosis. Viral and bacterial agents are the most etiological factors, but drugs, chemicals, foods, and rheumatic diseases can also cause fever and rash. Drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome is one of the life-threatening reactions in which systemic multiple organ involvement can be seen. The mortality rate in drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome (DIHS) is about 20%. Therefore, it is important to clarify the etiology without delay. In our study, we aimed to present a rare case of salazopyrin hypersensitivity mimicking a viral illness with skin rash.

Keywords: Drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome, salazopyrine hypersensitivity, viral rash

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