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A Study on Determining the Level of Knowledge about Influenza, Pneumococcal, Herpes Zoster, and Tetanus Vaccines among the Vaccines Recommended by the World Health Organization and the Level of Vaccination in Individuals Sixty-Five Years Old and Over


  • Alpay Medetalibeyoğlu
  • Elif Ezirmik

Received Date: 22.09.2020 Accepted Date: 07.10.2020 Med Bull Haseki 2020;58(5):414-421


We investigated the level of knowledge about influenza, pneumococcal, herpes zoster and tetanus vaccines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for individuals aged 65 and over.


A total of 147 patients aged 65 and over who attended to the Internal Diseases Outpatient Clinic in İstanbul University Faculty of Medicine Hospital were included in this study. A 21-item questionnaire was administered to the participants.


Fifty-three point seven percent of the elderly who participated in the study had been vaccinated. Influenza vaccine was the most known (56.5%), and tetanus vaccine was the most commonly used (32.7%) vaccine. When the 65-74 age group was taken as a reference, the percentage of adults aged 75 years and older who were not vaccinated was 2.56 times higher [confidence interval (CI): 1.20-5.44; p=0.014]; when those who received information about the vaccines were taken as a reference, in those who did not receive information, the percentage of adults who were not vaccinated was 2.48 times higher (CI: 1.19-5.18; p=0.016); when patients with chronic diseases were taken as reference, in patients without any chronic disease, the percentage of individuals who were not vaccinated was 6.30 times higher (CI: 1.60-24.85; p=0.009).


It is important for the elderly population to have vaccines recommended by WHO, healthcare professionals to inform people about vaccines and to recommend these vaccines. New regulations should be made for the immunization of people aged 75 and over. In this context, family physicians may be recommended to follow the immunization status of this age group specifically or to provide immunization services to these people within the framework of home health services.

Keywords: Elderly, influenza vaccine, pneumococcus vaccine, herpes zoster vaccine, tetanus vaccine

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