Case Report

A Small TectalCavernoma Causing Hydrocephalus: A Case Report

  • Mustafa Diker
  • Kubilay Yenigül
  • Muhammet Ceyhan
  • Ebubekir Maraşlı
  • Adem Kırış

Med Bull Haseki 2011;49(4):154-156

Intracranial cavernomas are vascular malformations which are mostly localized in the supratentorial region. The main symptoms of cavernomas are epilepsy and neurological deficits. Besides, the mass effect resulting from the most commonly seen complication, bleeding, may also occur. Localization of cavernomas in the tectum of the brain stem and resulting in hydrocephalus is quite rare. In this paper, we present a case of cavenoma which was located in the tectum and compressed the aquaeductus cerebri.

Keywords: Cavernoma, brainstem, tectum

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