Case Report

A Rare Cause of Acute Abdomen: Idiopathic Isolated Cecal Necrosis


  • Ender Özer
  • İbrahim Aydın
  • Ahmet Pergel
  • Ahmet Fikret Yücel
  • Dursun Ali Şahin
  • İbrahim Şehitoğlu

Received Date: 17.06.2014 Accepted Date: 14.07.2014 Med Bull Haseki 2015;53(1):85-87

Idiopathic isolated cecal necrosis is a clinical problem characterized by right-sided inferior abdominal pain. It is rarely seen, develops due to decreased blood flow to the colon and, imitates acute appendicitis. Its clinical signs are similar to many illnesses causing sensitivity in the right inferior quadrant and, the diagnosis is generally determined during surgery. An 86-year-old male patient presented with the complaints of abdominal pain, trichiniasis, nausea and vomiting. Surgical intervention was decided when physical examination and laboratory results were taken into consideration. After diagnostic laparoscopy, right hemicolectomy was performed because of cecal necrosis. While the mortality and morbidity rates for ischemic bowel disease are high, prognosis for early diagnosed patients with isolated cecal necrosis is better, provided that timely surgical treatment is decided.

Keywords: Ischemia, cecal necrosis, acute abdomen

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