Case Report

A Rare Case: Atypical Measles


  • Tuna Demirdal
  • Ümmü Sena Sarı
  • Figen Kaptan
  • Nesrin Türker
  • Bahar Örmen
  • Nurbanu Sezak

Received Date: 21.07.2015 Accepted Date: 10.08.2015 Med Bull Haseki 2016;54(1):50-52

Atypical measles has been described in persons who were exposed to wild measles virus several years after they were immunized with killed measles vaccine. Occasionally, it can be caused by live measles vaccines also. It is a clinical picture different from typical measles. In this report, an adult patient with a history of immunization, who presented with high fever, maculopapular rash starting at the palms and soles, and pneumonia, is presented. Atypical measles that was first reported in the 1970s in mostly kids should be considered for differential diagnosis in adult cases presenting with high fever, atypical rash and pneumonia even if patients have a history of immunization.

Keywords: Atypical measles, pneumonia, exanthem

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