Case Report

A Case of Hydatid Cyst At Abdominal Wall - Case Report

  • Mehmet Gülen
  • Ahmet Kocakuşak
  • Muzaffer Akıncı
  • Ahmet Fikret Yücel
  • Orçun Oral Şentürk

Med Bull Haseki 2005;43(1):0-0

The abdominal wall is very rarely involved by hydatid cyst, which is the larval form of echinococcus granulosus. There are very rare reports concerning abdominal wall hydatidosis until today according to the literature even in the disseminated disease. While being under diagnostic work-up in our general surgery outpatient clinic due to a cystic mass of 65 mm in the right lumbar area at abdominal wall, a 42-year old woman was diagnosed as having hydatid cyst by the pathological examination following the surgical intervention. The serological examination which were not employed prior to surgery revealed negative results when performed postoperatively. Cystectomy was applied as the surgical treatment modality. The patient was discharged from the hospital in her 3rd postoperative day without any complication. A 6-months lasting medical treatment with Albendazole (10 mg/kg) was undertaken during the postoperative follow-up period. The reason for us to represent this case is to emphasize that hydatid cyst should be suspected in endemic areas in the differential diagnosis of abdominal wall lesions with literature review.

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