Case Report

A Case of Cavernous Hemangioma Detected in Adulthood


  • Erkan Akar
  • Şule Bakır
  • Taşkın Erkinüresin

Med Bull Haseki 2013;51(4):197-199

Benign vascular tumors are rarely seen in the mediastinum and mediastinal hemangioma is the most common one among them. However, its prevalence is less than 0.5% among all mediastinal tumors. Mediastinal hemangiomas are typically seen in the younger age group. Approximately 75% of cases occur before age 35. These tumors are usually well-circumscribed and they rarely display invasive behaviors. Symptoms develop due to the compression of the neighboring mediastinal structures. A mediastinal mass in a 70-year-old female patient, who had the complaints of dorsalgia and cough, was totally excised by performing a thoracotomy. Pathological examination revealed a cavernous hemangioma. Due to the rarity and late diagnosis of the entity we present this case with its chest computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings.

Keywords: Cavernous hemangioma, thoracotomy, mediastinum

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